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A variety of my own blog posts. They’re mainly centered on young adult lifestyle, and topics range from self-care, tv and movies, words of advice, and books and comic books.

  • 10 Things To Do To Stay Hopeful During A Pandemic
    A list of ways to stay hopeful during a pandemic a.k.a. Covid-19. Also goes over ways in which one can be productive and think positively during a tough time.
  • 13 Inspiring Quotes for Young People
    Quotes for young people for when they want to have a spark of inspiration and encouragement.
  • 11 Uplifting Mantras To Live By
    Life can be tough at times; however, there are good things that we can look to. If you want to be uplifted in some way, check out these 11 uplifting mantras to live by.
  • Depression in Young Adults and How to Overcome It
    Depression is a common issue that is dealt with a pretty good bit, especially if you’re a young adult. This article demonstrates why depression is an important issue to cover as well as ways one can overcome depression and cope with it.
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