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Intro to The Young Adult Club

Hello, everyone, and welcome to The Young Adult Club with Kaitlyn Berkner. The Young Adult Club is a lifestyle blog for teens and young adults with the intent to inspire, motivate, and possibly entertain. Even though my blog is for teens and young adults, anyone above the age of 13 (parents and guardians in particular) is welcome to visit The Young Adult Club as well.

The Young Adult Club with Kaitlyn Berkner is meant to be a positive atmosphere for teenagers and young adults. I mentioned the purpose of my blog is to be inspiring, motivating, and entertaining. If you’re wondering how I’m going to do this, I’m going to discuss the interests that every teenager and young adult has. These interests vary from teen fiction and young adult (YA) books (comic books, too), movies and television shows, music, pop culture, etc., and I can explain how all of it can be applied to everyday life.

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The Origin of The Young Adult Club

I’m an avid writer and a Georgia native, born and raised in the city of Macon. I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Minor in Creative Writing. Ever since I was a little kid, I have always had a passion for writing and reading books (I also have a love for reading and collecting comic books) and my love for these hobbies became my solace as a teenager. I enjoy anything and everything literary, but when I’m writing, if it is poetry or stories, my genre of focus is always teen and young adult fiction (usually with some Sci-Fi and fantasy mixed in) because it’s my favorite genre and I’ve always had a fondness for it too.

Along with my passion for reading and writing, I’m also in tune with anything pop culture for TV and movies, music, current events in the entertainment industry, etc. Knowing that there are people out in the world (teens and young adults everywhere) who share a common interest, I believe and hope that you will enjoy being members of The Young Adult Club with Kaitlyn Berkner. And as I mentioned earlier, if there is anyone out there who may be a parent or a guardian to a teenager or have a child of your own who is a young adult, you all are welcome to visit and join The Young Adult Club as well.

Who Am I?

So what does me being who I am have to do with the making of The Young Adult Club? The answer is everything!

When I was a teenager, life was very complicated for me. I always got bullied at school and there were even times when life at home was very difficult. There were days I wanted to give up so when I would get that feeling, I would get my journal, or one of my novels, and/or comic books and entertain my mind with my favorite hobbies that I always find solace in. When reading novels and comic books, I will often get ideas from what I’m reading to create a story of my own.

Besides reading, I would also get my ideas from movies and TV shows that I watch, and when I stay up to date on news reports in the entertainment world, I also see how I can use them to my advantage: not just in my writing, but in my blog as well.

With my own personal experiences as a teenager, life seemed overwhelming. Teenage years and even for young adults, too, can be tough. I know there are a lot of teenagers and young adults out there who are dealing with some form of struggle or obstacles in their lives. I have dealt with my own struggles in my adolescent years and even some when I entered my 20s. This is why I hope my blog will provide some form of positivity to every teenager and young adult who feels as if their lives are too difficult to handle and be made aware that they are not alone.

So to everyone wanting to find some inspiration for motivation and some entertainment to add to your lifestyle, come visit The Young Adult Club with Kaitlyn Berkner!

Cheers to The Young Adult Club
Cheers to The Young Adult Club

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  1. I love you and am so proud to be your God Mother! I am just starting to read but cannot wait to get to know you better thru your writing! Stay focused, Stay Strong…U got this!! xox

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