House of Night Betrayed

House of Night Betrayed (Book #2) Review From Best-Selling Authors P.C Cast And Kristin Cast

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House of Night Marked Recap

Before we go into House of Night Betrayed, let’s do a recap from the first book, Marked.

House of Night Betrayed (Book #2) Review From Best-Selling Authors P.C Cast And Kristin Cast 1
House of Night Marked

In Marked, Zoey Redbird was Marked by a Vampyre Tracker and had to transfer from her high school in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to a local House of Night school in Tulsa. Zoey already felt like she couldn’t fit in at her high school in Broken Arrow, and coming to the House of Night made her an anomaly due to having a filled-in crescent moon on her forehead from day one. At the end of Marked, Zoey is gifted with added filigree tattoos (something unheard of in a Vampyre fledgling) for her heroic actions.

At the beginning of Marked, Zoey’s mother and stepfather, John Heffer (the Step-loser as she calls him), made it seem like Zoey getting marked was because of her so-called bad behavior and how she’s considered the bad kid compared to her brother and sister. Zoey sneaks out of the house to go see her grandmother at her lavender farm, but falls and hits her head while trying to look for her. After regaining consciousness, Zoey wakes up in the House of Night infirmary with a filled-in crescent moon on her forehead, thus making her different from the average fledglings.

As Zoey tries to navigate life at the House of Night, she becomes best friends with her roommate, Stevie Rae Johnson, Damien Maslin, Shaunee Cole, and Erin Bates.

Throughout Marked, Zoey clashes with Aphrodite, the most popular girl at the House of Night and leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons, a prestigious group that’s basically a Vampyre school version of a student council. Zoey also discovers Aphrodite misusing her Goddess-given affinity of seeing into the future by keeping disastrous events to herself.

While learning about life at the House of Night, Zoey sees how a fledgling dies if their body rejects the change. Apparently, if a fledgling’s body rejects the change, they start coughing up blood and bleed through their eyes, ears, and nose. After seeing a student named Elliot die in the middle of Lit class, Zoey sees him again, but his eyes are glowing red, his skin is pale white, and he has fangs. Before seeing Elliot, Zoey saw another student who supposedly died the night before, and she also had fangs, pale white skin, and glowing red eyes.

Extremely bizarre but you’ll learn more about why they’re lurking around the House of Night once you read Betrayed.

At the end of Marked, Aphrodite’s secret misuse of her affinity is exposed after Zoey encountered her ex-boyfriend, Heath Luck, during a Samhain ritual (an event on Halloween that Vampyres use as a way to celebrate ancient Vampyres who moved on into another life). The ritual turned chaotic when Aphrodite was careless, and her improper use of saying a spell during the Samhain ritual brought in some evil Vampyre spirits that nearly killed Heath. Zoey then becomes the new leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons after her affinity for all five elements: air, fire, water, earth, and spirit becomes known.

Along with becoming the new leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons, Zoey is also given some extra filigree tattoos around her filled-in crescent moon and down her neck and upper back.

House of Night Marked

If you want to see my post on Marked, check out House of Night (Marked: Book #1) Review of the Best-Selling Book by Authors P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

House of Night Betrayed Summary

Betrayed is the second book in the House of Night series and takes place a few weeks after the events of Marked.

Zoey has been at the House of Night for a month, and although she is settled in, she is trying to figure out how to be in charge of the Dark Daughters while having a new boyfriend (Erik Night) and trying to break up with her human ex-boyfriend, Heath. Zoey also tries to figure out who is killing human teenagers from her old life when evidence points to the House of Night. These issues throughout the novel come full circle when someone close to Zoey dies at the House of Night, and when Zoey learns more about that person’s cause of death, Zoey learns who her friends and enemies really are.

House of Night Betrayed In Detail

Betrayed is definitely a page-turner when you begin to read it. After reading Marked, I immediately read Betrayed afterward. A lot happens in this book that makes you see things more clearly. One thing in particular that sticks out to me is how the characters are depicted in this book. I love how Aphrodite is depicted in Betrayed because you see more of her personality and not just the exterior of her appearance.

For example, Aphrodite has been deemed an outcast after her fallout at the end of Marked. During family visitation in Betrayed, Zoey overhears Aphrodite’s parents yelling at her because she disappoints them a lot. Zoey also learns that Aphrodite kept her visions to herself because she thought her parents wanted her to. After Zoey encounters Aphrodite’s hostile parents and Aphrodite feeling remorse over her actions, Zoey begins to pity Aphrodite, much to her dismay.

If any of you have read Betrayed, you know that the two dead students Zoey saw in the first book have actually been brought back from the dead, and they’re not the only ones. When the fledglings came back from the dead, they came back as feral creatures, and they are described as the stereotype we often classify vampires as.

Another interesting thing about Betrayed is how it explores bloodlust as a way of life for Vampyres. If an adult Vampyre sucks a human’s blood, they automatically imprint on each other and develop a special bond to where the human becomes more drawn to the Vampyre they’re imprinted with. Vampyres can also track the human they’re imprinted with by thinking about their blood and can even communicate with them telepathically.

House of Night Betrayed: 2nd Novel in the House of Night Series
Betrayed. Book 2 in The House of Night Series.

Why is Zoey Able to Imprint on a Human While Still a Fledgling?

Well, Zoey is not the average fledgling, and she’s the only Vampyre fledgling to have the ability to control all five elements: air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. She also received a filled-in mark and extra tattoos by Nyx, the Vampyre goddess, at the end of Marked. Needless to say, Zoey experiencing bloodlust when the average fledgling doesn’t experience it until a few years after getting marked is further confirmation that she is an anomaly at the House of Night and in the Vampyre world.

Even though Zoey is only a fledgling, she imprints on her ex-boyfriend, Heath, when she runs into him in Tulsa. She drank a drop of his blood in Marked, but drinking more of his blood in Betrayed strengthens their bond even more. When Heath gets kidnapped, Zoey uses their imprint to find him.

As for the teenagers from Zoey’s old life that are being killed, the dead fledglings Zoey has seen in Marked are the ones responsible. As they’re called in the second book, these rogue red fledglings are hungry for blood, and biting into them and causing massive amounts of blood loss is how these teenagers have been killed. These rogue red fledglings target Heath when he attempts to see Zoey, but they don’t kill him because Zoey saved him. Because Heath and Zoey have imprinted on each other, it prevents the rogue red fledglings from drinking his blood, which in turn prompts Zoey to find him and save him.

Friends And Enemies

Zoey being a very gifted Vampyre fledgling has its perks, but being so greatly gifted also has its downsides, especially if it comes with enemies along with friends.

Aphrodite was depicted as a spoiled mean girl in the first book, and even though she still is in a way, she is also proven to be an ally to Zoey. She does so by helping save Zoey’s grandmother, Sylvia Redbird, from crashing her car into the Arkansas River via a vision she had several hours before it was supposed to happen. Before this, Neferet, the High Priestess of the House of Night in Tulsa, declared to everyone that Aphrodite lost her ability to see in the future due to her mistakes after she was exposed in Marked.

However, this proves to be false because she also had a vision of Heath being killed and saw the rogue red fledglings in her visions killing the teenagers from Zoey’s old life. She tried to go forward with this information, but Neferet didn’t believe her. In fact, it was Neferet who is responsible for the rogue red fledglings and the missing teenagers in this book.

Speaking of High Priestess Neferet, she is actually not one of the good guys as depicted in Marked and Betrayed. She’s had a hidden agenda all along, and after reading this book, I believe that Neferet being revealed as an enemy and not a friend is the reason why P.C. and Kristin Cast titled the second book Betrayed. You don’t learn about her reasons why she resurrected dead fledglings and had them kill the teenage humans until later on in the series, but this book does open the door to Zoey’s journey as a Vampyre fledgling and her fight against Neferet.

Heads Up! Spoiler Alert

Since we just went over how Zoey learns who her enemy really is, I wanted to point out something else.

In the House of Night Betrayed summary, I mentioned that someone close to Zoey dies, and she sees who her real friends and enemies are.

In Betrayed, Stevie Rae dies when her body rejects the change, and this happens after Zoey performs her first circle in front of the entire school and after Stevie Rae is gifted with an affinity for the element Earth. Stevie Rae also gets resurrected as a red fledgling, but Zoey does see that she still does have some of her humanity while saving Heath since she was gifted with an Earth affinity.

After Zoey rescues Heath, they run into Neferet, and she erases both of their memories. Zoey then sees Nyx, who reminds Zoey that the elements can restore as well as destroy. When Zoey is later found by Detective Marx, who had previously interviewed Zoey earlier in the book, he tries to help Zoey remember what happened when she realizes that someone messed with her mind.

When Zoey recalls what Nyx told her, she calls upon the elements that she has an affinity for to restore her memory. After restoring her memory, Zoey discreetly confronts Neferet about what she knows. Neferet tells Zoey that if she speaks against her, she’ll make sure no one will believe her. Zoey responds by showing off the new tattoos going down her back and informing Neferet that she doesn’t need anyone to believe her because Nyx does.

Overall Perspective on House of Night Betrayed

Betrayed definitely has its mix of fantasy, humor, drama, and suspense. When reading Betrayed, you see how Vampyres are depicted and how their way of life is compared to other novels like Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and even Dracula (Ironically, Dracula is one of Zoey’s favorite books in the House of Night Series). Of course, you see how Vampyre life is portrayed in Marked, but Betrayed and the House of Night books after this one explore more ways in how they live and coexist among humans.

Stay Tuned

After Betrayed, the next book to read in the House of Night series is Chosen. It’s the third book in the series and in that book, Zoey is going to have more confirmation that some people she sees as her friends are actually enemies and some of her enemies become her friends. Zoey also struggles to find a way to save Stevie Rae, who is undead and trying to hold on to her humanity as some Vampyres are murdered at the House of Night.

Next book after House of Night Betrayed

I’m not going to go into any more details about Chosen, but I will say stay tuned for the next review of the third book in the House of Night series. If you wish to share anything about this post, feel free to comment and/or share it.

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