Mean Girls

An Honest Review of Mean Girls (2004) & Its Real-Life Relevance

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Mean Girls Movie (2004)
A DVD of Mean Girls that I own

Mean Girls Summary

To those who are not familiar with Mean Girls, it’s a movie about a teenage girl named Cady Heron who enters high school for the first time. She’s been home-schooled her whole life and grew up in Africa due to her parents’ having a career as zoologists.

Cady enters high school with the mindset of it being something she can handle with no problems. However, she immediately experiences culture shock and realizes that high school, or as she calls it “Girl World,” is completely different than growing up in the jungle. And apparently, the new surroundings that Cady Heron has inhabited has no vacancy for mean girls, hence the title of the movie.

Cady does become friends with Janis and Damian on her second day of school, two students who claim to be “The greatest people you will ever meet.” Later on come lunch time that day, Cady has an encounter with a jock, where the mean girls a.k.a The Plastics intervene and invite Cady to have lunch with them.

In the process of learning about “Girl World“, Cady befriends The Plastics: Regina George, viewed as the Queen Bee, and her two sidekicks, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith.

Cady joins the Plastics eventually. The original plan was to get information on Regina, Gretchen, and Karen and pretend to be friends with them in order to get intel on them and expose them for the mean girls they really are. Cady sees them as really nice and has no idea just how mean they are; however that all changes when Cady falls for Regina’s ex-boyfriend, Aaron Samuels. Regina learns about Cady’s crush on her ex and she gets humiliated by Regina at the Halloween party when she begins making out with him in front of her.

From that point on throughout the movie, Cady goes to great lengths to ruin Regina George’s life with help from Janis and Damian. They do so in hilarious ways like giving her some foot cream that Cady says is face wash, cutting holes in her shirt where her breasts would be, and also giving her Kalteen bars to make her gain weight. Eventually, Cady becomes a mean girl herself to where she is completely different from the girl she was at the beginning of the movie.

After a chain of events in the movie-Cady convincing Aaron to break-up with Regina, a huge cat fight throughout North Shore High School leading to an “attitude makeover” in the auditorium, Cady being accused of pushing Regina into getting run over by a school bus, and Cady also facing punishment to join the mathletes-all the issues that seem to be the forefronts of “Girl World,” soon dissolve to where it becomes a peaceful place to be who you truly are.

To this day, Mean Girls is a classic teen movie filled with humor and drama. I think it’s a classic because it has a lot of relevance to real life issues teenagers and young adults tend to face when growing up in high school and trying to find their place in that setting and its surroundings.

Mean Girls Trailer

Mean Girls Trailer

Mean Girls & Real-Life Relevance

I remember being 12 years old when this movie came out in theatres, and I remember going to see it the weekend it came out. I was a preteen and I remember thinking how funny the movie was. As I have watched this movie throughout the years, I realized how much relevance it has to high school in real life.

High school has its share of mean girls in real life. However, there are guys that can be bullies as well. When you’re a teenager, you go to school every day with other kids who are different individuals and come from different backgrounds as well. These kids can be anything from the head cheerleader, member of the school band, overachiever, punk rocker, star athlete, even a loner.

Along with different types of kids in high school, some can be considered bullies. They can be mean girls and there can be guys who can be bullies too. High school can be a tough place to go to every day. I know because I remember being in high school, and I remember getting bullied constantly. I remember being myself and no matter what I did, I always got bullied over something.

So when I watch Mean Girls, I’m always reminded that there are kids in high school somewhere that can be bullies. And someone is also being bullied in high school as well. This movie does a good job at depicting life in high school because it does happen in real life where kids go to school every day and they’re part of cliques, they get bullied, or they happen to be bullies themselves.

Staying Positive

Staying positive is a great thing to do when dealing with the downsides of being a teenager in high school. It may seem hard to do at times but it’s important to look at them a lot more than looking at the negatives. Doing that can have an impact that could be very beneficial in the long run.

I say this because when you go to school every day, the only time you usually interact with your classmates is at school. You probably don’t see them outside of school at their homes unless they’re your friends and you hang out with them on a regular basis.

When kids get bullied, they probably wouldn’t see their tormentors living their lives at home. And there’s no way to know why someone becomes a bully to begin with. The mean girls and guys that are in school could be coming from a difficult home life and they could be feeling like they are constantly being bullied all the time themselves. And they probably become a bully to someone who appears to have a happy life away from school to make them feel the same way they do. Basically, there’s no telling what a kid in high school can be dealing with at their homes because they’re usually seen by their peers at school.

I mentioned earlier that I got bullied in high school a lot. I don’t know why I got bullied every day, but I do know that I kept my head up and I did my best to be myself and to stay positive and look at the bright side of things every day. And I did so by doing things that brought me solace as I mentioned in my About Page. If you do things that you love to do like binge watch your favorite movies, read your favorite books, or play your favorite sport, any of that will help you into staying positive.

And by doing that, you’ll feel better when the positives you’re experiencing make the negatives decrease.


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